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Centuries ago, in a land far away the Aztec found a bean that changed the world. Their insightful and visionary minds understood the importance of the bean; they used it as their food, currency and called it the bridge between Earth & Heaven. To them cocoa beans were the Food of the Gods and they served cocoa drinks in Gold Goblets, and rightfully so.


Naila, a renowned Chocolate Aficionado, known for spreading happiness with her bundles of joy “Pie in the Sky” and “Chatterbox” took it upon herself to fill her nation with the exquisite flavors of the Aztecs.  With years of exploring and countless chocolate tastings (which she doesn’t regret at all), she discovered a handcrafted premium confectionary that would melt your mind, heart and soul.

At heart, Aztec is an artisanal chocolate shop embracing all things sweet. “We believe chocolate is not merely to be eaten – it is to be experienced, to be savored. Each exquisite chocolate creation is made from the finest Belgian chocolate to create a truly outstanding product. Every bite is enriched with the history of Aztecs and the journey of the cocoa bean through the European colonies. Express your feelings with gourmet exotic chocolate gifts. Because you and your loved ones deserve the finest and nothing less.

Corporate Orders

Your brand combined with our elegantly crafted boxes and tempting gourmet chocolates will make the perfect corporate giveaway. Whether you run a small business or are procuring for a corporation, and wish to impress customers, our premium range will embody your organization’s image and equity. Our bespoke chocolate boxes let you put your seal on a gift anyone would love receiving and create a lasting impression.