About Us

At heart, Aztec is an artisanal chocolate shop embracing all things sweet. We believe Chocolate is not merely to be eaten, it’s to be experienced, to be savored. Each exquisite chocolate creation is made from the finest Belgian chocolate to create a truly outstanding product. Every bite is enriched with the history of the Aztecs and the journey of the cocoa bean through the European colonies. Express your feelings with gourmet exotic chocolate gifts. Because you and your loved ones deserve the finest and nothing less.


Aztec, staying true to its name, believes in unadulterated chocolate perfection. Our chocolates are made from an exceptional blend of cacao & crafted in the traditional Belgian manner. Owner and debonair chocolatier Naila, oversees that only the best of the best makes it to the box. Each batch is tested for its consistency, flavor & aroma to provide the ultimate bliss in every bite.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the most exceptional chocolate experience, crafted with international standards. The cacao beans used in every Aztec confectionery are handpicked from the Somia plantation in the Sambirano Valley of Northern Madagascar. Staying true to the unique Belgian style, the thought and care that goes into making each piece of chocolate is what makes our Gold engraved box so special.


At Aztec, we take enormous pride in our artistry. With attention to detail and creativity, our master chocolatiers bring together the finest assortment that would send anyone’s eyes rolling back in delight! But our innovation doesn’t just stop there. Each box is designed to declare a celebration with the elegance & beauty of the people of Aztec. We believe in innovation and perfection. Without either, the box of Aztec chocolates would be incomplete.